Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Less EMFs" Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

How long has it been since you went somewhere and were not reachable?  I think back to days of hitting the beach, all day, and if someone "needed" me...TOO BAD!  I have to admit that I am glad to be a mother in an age where if my child needs me I can be reached.  I am not sure if I could ever leave my house and relax otherwise!  That being said, when my child is with me my phone is pretty much always on "airplane mode."  People often wonder why they can't get ahold of me (God forbid), and it's because I am just not important enough to be constantly "connected."

One topic that is finally being looked at more closely is the crazy rise of autoimmune dysfunction (and other diseases) in today's world.  I feel there are actually many reasons for it, EMFs (electro magnetic fields) only being one of them.  I believe overexposure to EMFs is an added stress that can lead to breakdown in the body and mind.  We are energetic and magnetic beings (science can explain it much better than I can), and these waves constantly interfering with our cells is not natural.

My approach to any of these topics is to dissect my life and look at where I can improve.  As far as EMF exposure I keep my cell phone off most of the time, our home Wi-Fi is off unless we are using it (and is connected to a timer so it is always off during sleep hours), we don't use a microwave, we don't stand in front of our toaster, washer, dryer, etc. while they are plugged-in/in use, no electronics in bedrooms, and I just recently learned about radiation from hair dryers, so a new low-EMF hair dryer was my Christmas present to myself!  I am definitely not perfect...I still have a Smart Meter I need to look into having removed, and I could always cut back even more on useless computer time.  Let's face it, you can't protect yourself completely, so it is all about decreasing your exposure...especially for the highly susceptible little ones in your life!

My New Low-EMF Hair Dryer - by Farouk (Chi Rocket)
I am not going to get all preachy about how your iPad shouldn't double as a babysitter or how you should throw out your microwave (okay, maybe just a little)...I just HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to educate yourself by checking out the amazing articles I have provided links to below.  Then it is up to you!  Experiment and see if those chronic headaches lessen up or your insomnia improves with some tweaks to your EMF exposure.  I also suggest "tech free meals" -  no cell phones, computers, television...try it and see if your digestion seems happier.  Some items you should be particularly aware of are:
Cordless phones
Cell phones
Meters on houses (Smart Meters)
Baby monitors (please don't have them too close to your baby)
Hair dryers
...And did you know that when you have dental/chest x-rays or a mammogram they are supposed to provide a special shield (or have an extra flap to the vest) to protect your thyroid?!  Be sure to ask for it!

Of course the biggest issues are the physical and mental implications of EMF exposure, but let's not forget how technology has also damaged our social interactions.  I encourage you to have get-togethers with friends and family where you make a "leave your phone off" rule so you can give each other your full time and attention.  That is what is most valuable after all!  Here's to a healthier, happier, more grounded New Year!

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