Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Handy Germ Vigilante

I have been known to be a germophobe from time to time (ahem...I may have carried Lysol spray around with me at college...and I may or may not have panic attacks at the mere thought of using a public restroom).  Anywho...I have now learned about toxic products versus healthier alternatives, as well as over-sanitizing and the impact it has on our microbiomes.  I now resist the urge to pump my hands with goop every chance I get, and I am also more choosey about just what that goop is.  I had read more than enough info about common hand sanitizers and how toxic they are (like this article), to know I needed to find some good alternatives.  In the past I have used CleanWell spray and wipes, which I have been happy with (I like that they use Thyme, which is a well-known germ-killer), but sometimes I just feel like I need a heavier hitter.

Over the years I have really come to learn the value and effectiveness of essential oils...and I have quite the collection of them!  Last year we were planning our first family airplane trip since I had become ill, and I decided to make my own batch of "Thieves Oil" to help protect us.  I had read so much about its germ-fighting, immune-boosting has quite a history and reputation, which you can check out for yourself.

I was so excited to also find this awesome Thieves Oil Hand Purifier by LULU ORGANICS!  We dropped the straight essential oil blend on our collars to breathe in while traveling, and this hand sanitizer kept our hands clean...and we didn't get sick, even during "high-flu-time."  (Keep an eye out for a future post about my "healthy travel" tips!)

LULU ORGANICS Hand Purifier - Don't Leave Home Without It!!!
I also passed these tips on to a fellow "Choir Mommy" while our kids were practicing, because she and her family were heading to Disney this Fall for a much needed "Make-A-Wish" trip.  Due to the fact that her young daughter's immune system is in the process of rebuilding after chemo treatments she was concerned about her getting sick and the implications of that for her and their trip (potential hospitalization, etc.)  She even used Thieves in a mister in their hotel room both while they were out and while they slept!  She was thrilled to report to me last night that their entire family of six all stayed healthy during, and after, the trip!  I was over-the-moon happy to hear it, and it just reinforced my confidence in Thieves-based blends.  I have had many people I know tell me stories of "I woke-up sick this morning, did a steam tent with Thieves, and was well by the afternoon," but this story meant the most to me and really touched my that's why I share it.

Now I carry LULU ORGANICS Hand Purifier with me everywhere I go!  I get mine from my local natural foods store (cheaper than the online prices, too), but there are other versions such as the one made by Young Living you can look into.  If you have essential oils already (or you are planning to purchase them) you can make your own, which is even better!

I hope these tips will help you and your loved ones stay healthy...not only for the holidays but EVERYday!  XO

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