Monday, January 13, 2014

A Berry Good Switch

Happy Monday!  Here we are at the beginning of another week, and if you are like me you are thinking about FOOD planning and how to best nourish yourself and your family.  As with most things it's all about quality and not quantity.  When packing my son's lunch in the morning (he's 5, for those wondering) I usually ask him what he would like for a snack.  Thankfully he makes good choices, but if I think he can "do better" we have a quick chat about what will power him up the most.  He loves it and gets excited thinking about himself as a health superhero!  Here is a powerful switch we have made in his lunchbox...

Most kids (and adults) love raisins.  I am not going to say that they are as bad as popping Pez (candy), but they are sugary and don't have much nutritional value.  We still enjoy them once in a while, but my regular replacement for them has been GOJI BERRIES!  They are slightly "tougher" in texture, but they are very sweet and highly enjoyable.  The best news is that they are extremely nutrient rich and high in protein, amino acids, and minerals.  A few weeks ago while reading the newsletter from one of my favorite local health food stores I received even more confirmation.  In the article "Winter Wellness For Kids" they stated, "Goji berries are a rich source of immune-strengthening polysaccharides, basically, compounds that slowly and deeply build up the immune system."  They suggested that daily goji berry consumption (1 teaspoon or more) would help my child stay healthy this Winter!  That's all I needed to hear!

We like to eat goji berries as they are, but also enjoy them in our homemade "trail mix," in yogurt, cereal, baked goods, etc.  You can also purchase goji berry powder to add to smoothies and other creations.  I am not going to lie…goji berries can be expensive, but if you think of them as a vitamin or supplement during cold/flu season it definitely makes them worth it!  You can find lower prices using the tips I mentioned in my last post.  We love the Navitas Naturals, Sun-Dried, Organic Goji Berries. has them (and other brands) for a pretty good price (better than local stores, unless they are on-sale), and if you have Amazon Prime "free shipping" makes it even better.

Our favorite brand of Goji Berries!
Especially with kids you have to find what will be enjoyable AND pack the most nutritional punch.  It is fun to look at what you are feeding your family and see where you can play the switcheroo game to maximize health and wellness!  Enjoy!

Check out those nutrition facts - 1oz. = 140% (DV) Vitamin A & 10% (DV) Iron!

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