Sunday, January 12, 2014

Words Of Encouragement For Change

I have been so very happy with the response to my blog!  THANK YOU!  It brings me so much joy to know that I am helping people and that you like what you are seeing so far!  That is the whole reason I started this blog.  I also realize that all of this information can be overwhelming, and even worse it can make people feel bad.  I know that living a healthier life can be very expensive, and that is something I want to see change.  We should never be put in the position where the only affordable choice we can make for our family is a toxic one.  That is an absolute crime.

I am here to tell you that this change didn't happen overnight in our family.  This has been 5+ years in the making, and it has been gradual.  I am throwing it all at you at once, but this is information and experiences gathered over years and through much trial-and-error.  Yes, being "healthy" is pricey, but being sick is even more expensive.  Trust me, because I know.  I carry a lot of guilt for the family resources that have gone to me getting my health back, but you know what?  My family has also benefitted greatly from this knowledge and these transformations, so I wouldn't change it.  I am very blessed that my husband is 100% on-board with making healthy living a top priority, because that means we don't argue about where our money goes.  We have never been on a family vacation (other than visiting family), we don't go out to eat, we do fun things around our house most weekends, we keep clothes, shoes, accessories pretty basic…you get the PICKture.  That is our choice, and I don't judge anyone for making different decisions.  We all have to use our money and resources in a way that makes us happy and fulfilled.  I also know the reality for many people is that they are barely getting by and can't just reallocate where they place their funds.

I will still argue that most people can make small changes.  Some people just assume that healthier products and lifestyle changes are more expensive, but if you do your homework (or let me do it for you) you will find that is not always true.  We have to face the fact that change is work and humans like to resist and make excuses.  I want you to know that I almost never buy anything full-price.  I regularly utilize the following:
1. (I search and filter by price, low-high)
2. Google Shopping (same directions as above)
3. Retail Me Not (and other coupon code websites)
4. I sign-up on all of my favorite companies' websites to receive news, deals, etc. & when they have deals (some even do 50% off or more, at least once a year), I stock-up (while also keeping in mind the expiration of natural products)!

I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS!  I am here to help.  Small changes make a BIG difference, and though you may not always see it right away I encourage you to keep going with it.  Just like the bad and toxic things in our lives add up over time (illness might not show-up for years), healing is also cumulative.  It is never too late!  The human mind-body-soul is miraculous, and you can actually reverse most damage (trust me on that one, too)!

So…start small.  Make it do-able, or you won't do anything at all.  If there are big-ticket items you would like (air filter, juicer/blender, mitigation system, etc).  I encourage you to start a fund.  Instead of your daily stop at the coffee shop, throw that money in a jar.  If you have any questions or concerns along the way, PLEASE reach out to me!  Change is ALWAYS possible!  Let me help you find your WHOLE PICKture!


  1. I hope you will consider writing a post about house-hold cleaning supplies. That is one area I am generally clueless in and like most things we buy, the marketing is SO skewed. Of course the average person wants a cleaner that kills 99.9% of the flu virus, no one wants the flu! I have heard some good things about Honor brand cleaning proucts but I personally have not tried them. I have also tried to make my own cleaning solutions before and have found it hard to stick with them. I would love to hear your opinions on this area, too.

    1. Yes, I agree with you! A friend of mine asked about this as well. I will definitely be writing a post about cleaning supplies! Thanks so much for the comment! I will also look into the brand you mentioned. Keep an eye out...

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