Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Be More Jovial

I think I already had a fondness for the word "jovial," because it is a word my dad has used for as long as I can remember to describe the most kind and fun people.  Then when I went through my whole revamp of my life for my own health and the health of my family I found "jovial" lighting up my life once again.

The very first "Jovial" product we found and tried was their organic and gluten-free pasta.  It filled such a void for us and was absolutely delicious!  Then one day, a couple of years ago, while I was doing my usual scans up and down the aisles of the grocery store I found "Jovial cookies."  I literally almost started crying!  I had heard over and over from my son (then in Kindergarten) how much he wanted little packaged treats in his lunchbox like all of the other kids.  I just hadn't found any that met our organic/gluten-free/high-quality standards.  THIS was it!  I immediately bought a box of chocolate and vanilla and excitedly brought them home.  My son was THRILLED and loves them to this day!

A glimpse of part of our Jovial stash (we have run out of a few staples, including olive oil, but it's on its way!
Then I quickly jumped on my computer to learn more, and I fell even deeper in love with "Jovial" as a company.  When I say "love" I mean it!  I wrote them quite a "love letter" (including a pic of my son in our shopping cart with his Jovial cookies!), and of course I received the kindest and warmest response.  The people behind the company, and how much they care about the quality of their products, is what makes them over-the-top beautiful and special to me (we also share Italian roots, which means a lot to me).  To hear their story, see the GF-cooking retreats they offer at their Tuscan villa, and see their love of the land and food, restores my hope that we can heal the food industry...and I can feel the influence of the old-world and their ancestors behind it.  And I am happy to report that they just opened a new property in Connecticut so they can get even more goodness out into the world!  Watch the heartwarming video of their "Grand Opening" on a historic CT farmstead below (get out the tissues)...

We have been blown-away by all "Jovial" products we have tried, and while the cookies are probably my son's absolute favorite, mine is their organic olive oil from their land in Italy!  They are running a deal right now where you can get $10-off a case of 3!  I also have to give honorable mention to their tomatoes and crackers (which we can't keep enough of in the house, because my son scarfs them down - his fave is the "Rosemary.")  I also recently bought their baking flours (which are 20%-off right now), but I haven't had a chance to use them just yet, so I will keep you posted (I will be using them for holiday baking, and I am sure they are awesome)!

I am beyond grateful for "Jovial Foods" for so many reasons, and I hope you will join me in supporting them...not just because they are good people, but because their food is darn good!  We vote with our dollars, and "Jovial" is a very bright ray of hope for the future of food.  Oh...and who wants to go to Italy with me for a cooking adventure at The Jovial Villa?!

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