Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Grab Those Goodies

This post is going to be a sweet one!  Though I tend to be very "strict" with my diet (it is the foundation that helps me manage my health challenges), and I always highly recommend healthy eating to everyone, I also feel that indulging in treats is good for the soul.  This time of year is awaited with great excitement by many due to the fact that it is known for there being tons of treats around, but the key is choosing wisely and not over-indulging.

Thankfully we live in a time when people are waking-up to the health risks tied to the toxic ingredients found in many of the candies and sweets we find in the store.  This has resulted in more and more conscientious companies popping up...including "Unreal Candy."  The story behind this company will blow you away and inspire your sure to watch the video below with your children!  One of the struggles as a health-minded parent is coming up with good alternatives to ensure your children don't feel like they are missing out.  I don't want my son to feel sad when he is surrounded by friends eating food that "looks awesome" but that I just can't allow him to eat...because to me it feels like I am poisoning the most precious thing in my life.

We have been enjoying all of the "Unreal" products from the very beginning, but this year we found an extra special surprise...their candy coated chocolate pieces in HOLIDAY FLAVORS!!!  Since toffee has always been my #1 favorite candy I HAD to get that one (milk chocolate & toffee in a green shell).  I am still holding off on eating certain things (like dairy, etc.) for now, but my son absolutely LOVES them, so I KNOW they are AMAZING!  They also have "White Chocolate & Candy Cane" (white shell) and "Milk Chocolate & Ginger" (red shell) flavors.  How festive and fun is that?!  No compromises...just pure joy!

"Unreal" is a company you will be moved to support not just because they have a great story, because they are local (for those of us in the Boston-area, anyway), or because their products are so much better for you...but because their goodies are truly AWESOME!  "Unreal" is the official candy at our house and what we always proudly give out for Halloween!

I hope this post will help you make another healthy switcheroo in your life, one that will become part of your celebrations and traditions.  Please also keep in mind that due to the higher stress levels this time of year, and the fact that certain flavors are tied to memories, we can become emotional eaters...disconnected from what we are doing.  We need to make an effort to be mindful and stay present so we can fully enjoy every moment and each bite!

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