Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Watch and Learn

At this point in my healing journey I have literally lost count of how many documentaries I have watched.  I gain something from each one, and I usually am the most excited about whichever one I most recently watched.  Many of these films follow individuals who drastically change their diet and lifestyle and have dramatic results...dropping weight, prescription meds, and health conditions by the end of filming.  I have been inspired by each story.  However, there are two films that really stand out in my mind, so I am sharing them as my "favorite things" and endorsing them as "must see T.V."

The first one I learned about a couple of years ago from a "mindbodygreen" article by a young woman named Shannon Harvey.  She had suffered from a mysterious collection of Autoimmune Illnesses and was told by doctors that she was headed toward organ failure and being wheelchair bound.  Doctors couldn't do much for her, but her intuition told her that stress was a major factor, and her background in journalism drove her to find answers and solutions.  That is how "The Connection: Mind your body" was created.  It is a compelling movie about the mind-body connection and really how it is the key to healing.  Shannon interviews some of the top people in the field of mind-body/stress-reduction medicine and follows people who have experienced turning their own health around with these modalities (including Jason Wachob, the founder of "mindbodygreen").  This film goes hand in hand with my true belief about healing...we are more powerful than we know, and we can use our mind to heal.

The second documentary is a series called "Betrayal," which is a seven-part series about the epidemic of Autoimmune Disease and how mainstream medicine is getting it all wrong...which is harming all of us.  It is very in-depth and scientific, which may turn some off, but it is absolutely brilliant.  The doctor who created this project, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, can come across a little "hokey" or like he is pushing an infomercial, but that is not the case at all.  He is a very caring doctor on a mission.  Dr. O'Bryan's father died of a heart attack, but the coroner could not tell him exactly why his father had such an episode.  There were no typical signs of heart attack.  Dr. O'Bryan was determined to figure it out.  As it turned out, what looked like a heart attack was actually an Autoimmune Disease that had flown under the radar and was wreaking havoc in his body.  This series makes connections and exposes information that is truly life-changing and life-saving.  If you or anyone you care about is "mysteriously ill" or is struggling with a chronic and/or Autoimmune Illness, then you have to watch this...and take notes! It is chock-full of helpful information you can put to use right away.

If you don't want to pay for (or gift) these films, then sign-up to be part of their e-mail lists.  They periodically show them for free, and you can jump on watching them then.  Definitely keep them on your radar!  They will change your life...promise!

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